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Well, doesn't that just figure? I've been watching Pmag prices on gunbroker for over a month and finally, after seeing some downward movement towards "normal" I bought 10 Pmag M3s for $30 each. Not two hours later, Magpul announces a new program to sell 10 Pmags to every Colorado resident who wants them (hopefully at MSRP). Oh well, if I'm lucky enough to get a 10 pack (or more, depending on other family members) at MSRP. That news makes me so happy, yet I'm kicking myself for having been patient for a month but too impatient by just a couple of hours

@SuperIronOut, thanks for pointing me in the direction of the 10/22. Looks like a great platform that could be a lot of fun to customize and shoot, as well as allowing me to get some time in with rifles without spending a fortune on ammo. I appreciate the advice!

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