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You can't print a working spring.

Printed AR mag with working printed spring--5 round mag IIRC

You can't print anything with moving parts unless you print the parts separately.
1st, how is that a detriment compared with any other method, and 2nd:

Let me know when you find a way to make that assembly by machining or casting. RP will allow the printing of a complete, assembled FCG in time.

Of course RP has potential. It is a better method for making one-off parts in darn near every way except for material strength. Recall we once made guns out of brass and iron. Of course RP materials will get better.

It's a TV gimmick now. Someday, maybe, but not now.
Maybe someday we'll have non-lethal guns that shoot electricity and the means to speak remotely with a hand-held device

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