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Good contact with LEOs and a Shameless waste averted

Not really hunting but ends well.

Was driving into town this morning from our shop at about 8:30 ish and moved over for a local Sheriff deputy that was sitting in the speed lane, stopped with his lights on. when I got closer I saw a nice sized doe laying (looking like she just bedded down in the rain) in the median. The deputy was sitting on the edge of his open trunk on the radio holding his AR15.

I immediately got on the phone to the Sheriffs office and spoke to dispatch about what I had seen. Thirty minuets later (and after picking up the permit) I was helping load her into the back of my buddy's truck. He's out of work right now and things are tight to say the least. Dispatch and the deputy were extremely helpful, and excited about the deer not going to waste.

After dressing it out he got an Idea of what happened. Looks like she had been clipped in her right hind leg. Lower leg was shattered and her pelvis was broken. Sadly, she was carrying three babies, two males and one female that looked to be very healthy and were developing well. Looks like they were killed from the impact pretty quickly.

Sad that three more deer won't be in the woods, but it's self wildlife management I guess. Wish people would just slow the heck down. I've say on average 5-7 deer are killed on that same part of highway in about a five mile stretch.

But fact is she was hit and put out of any further suffering, the babies would of never made it and some good came out of it. The best part being that it wasn't a total waste Good people in need are going to have a decent bit of good meat. They took his number and said since he lives so close in the area, they'll call him the next time it happens. Saves the highway department from picking it up, and a lot of food that will be used to feed a more than deserving family.
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