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Originally Posted by wooly booger
they are both excellent for large hoofed game. The 9.3 is the only "medium bore" cartridge other than the .375 H&H approved for dangerous game in many African counties.
I wouldn't call three countries "many" but it may have expanded since then as this was discussed back in 07. The question was asked on another web site about the 9.3X62 and 9.3X64 and where it was legal. This was the response from a PH in Mamibia.

Zimbabwe- both 9.3's mentioned is legal
Namibia- only 9.3x64 legal for buffalo, 9.3x62 legal for lion, hippo, elephant as they are not specificaly mentioned in law. (Law states minimum enegry level of 5400 J / (about 3900 ft/lbs) for buffalo)
South Africa- both legal, except in Kwazulu Natal province, where minimum is .375. (Northern Cape's new "permit conditions" on the back of a hunting permit states .375 as minimum, and also that you require 2 PH's to hunt dangerous game!!! I do not think they enforce it though.)
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