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We had Magpul MAGS, 210 is usually a basic load with at least 45 9mm or .45ACP

My team would usually carry 300rds of 5.56 or 6.8, or 9mm or 45 depending on the mission and weapons we carried.

Normal SOP for us would be to load the first 5 rounds tracer, then 25 ball,
In the middle of a firefight, no matter what the situation it is difficult to count your rounds, loading the first 5 rounds tracer would give us an indication when we needed to change dont want to wait till the chamber is empty, it is much faster to drop a mag, load a new mag and immediately start banging away, than having to mess with finding the bolt release...

As far as worrring about your magazine, if you can quickly get it into your cargo pocket, then save it, but underfire, drop it from the magazine well and forget it...

We it comes to recieving ammo, there is alot of SOP involeved with that, but normally wealways recieved rounds in ammo boxes of about 1800 if i remember correctly. Depending on the quantity requested then you might have to break a can open and take from there to fill the total amount requested...
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