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it's on the front page of Investor's Business Daily Editorials today. Not that proliferation of a claim increases its validity, but I normally trust IDB to not re-hash unfounded claims.

A bit of careful reading may be in order here; the article quotes the Brady Act of 1993:
"The VA states on its Fiduciary Program website that, according to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, signed into law in 1993, being determined as unable to manage your benefits prevents you from owning and possessing a firearm or ammunition."

as a previous poster stated, anyone who can't manage a check sent by the VA has some real problems. That being said, someone at the VA needs to get out in front of this story, or I can foresee lots of vets who really need help avoiding the VA at all costs just to avoid having their constitutional rights taken from them---whether that fear is warranted or not.
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