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Yes Wooly. The rifle I spoke of was actually a Savage110BA. It just looked so bad-a and Ive never seen one that I thought it was custom. That and the owner primarily just sells his own creations/customs.

Now Im trying to figure out how to purchase it. Money wise and all. Because then Ill have to get .338 dies and good scope. May just take my Millet LRS-1 off my Remmy700 .308 and put it on the Savage 110 .338. Then just put a cheaper Bushnell (200$) or something back on the Remmy. After reading reviews on the accuracy of the Savage 110BA, Im sold.

Which leads my next question if I choose to go high end off the bat for the Savage 110. My first choice would of course be a Night Force. Heres my question...
What is the difference between lets say the Night Force Precision benchrest 8-42x which is about 1500$ and the
-NightForce 5.5-22x56 NXS Ill. Reticle Riflescopes - w/ optional ZeroStop, Velocity 1000 Reticle at 1800$

I'm not going to be shooting the scope with anything under 14x more than likely. This is 500+ yards so being limited to 12x on min doesn't really bother me. Why the price difference?
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