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Vanya- I know where the Watauga Gun club is but I didnt know they offered such a class. I'll check into it.

BigDinFL- I'm glad you know how my wife and I interact and how much she and I know about firearms and self defense. She's actually very easy to teach and listens very well and picks up on things very fast. Even with her husband working with her. I started this thread to get opinions on some CCW's that women tend to prefer but I have gotten everything but that in reply. I'm not a first time gun buyer they have been my #1 hobby my whole life and she has been handling them for the last 10 years or so. If she wants more training she will get it, she is completely in control of what gun she chooses, and I'm not trying to talk her into or out of anything or make her do something she doesnt want to. But that is almost all I have heard this whole thread. If I was looking for opinions on those subjects I wouldve asked for it.

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