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Not quite new to reloading, but have a few questions about various descriptions used on .308 dies. I am looking to acquire a set of dies to begin reloading my empty brass. I have about 50 brass cases to reload that I have fired from my Savage 110 bolt action with a detachable mag., I'm not 100% sure all the brass is from my gun. (1) what is the difference between RCBS Small Base Die and Short Base FL. (2) I see Lee has a set of dies, what is the difference between Pacesetter and RGB series. (3) Difference between 2 die set -vs- 3 die set in .308. Is it better to have 3 dies?
I have a Lee Precision Press (uses 1 die at a time). I have used it with RCBS dies to load @400 (.380 auto) and Lee 3 set die set to load @300 (30 carbine) over the last several months.

Bigclubs, I have purchased thousands of cases from the range. in my opinion it is mindless to full length size cases ‘JUST BECAUSE THE CASES WERE NOT FIRED IN MY CHAMBERs!, I am a case sizer, I size cases to my chambers, my favorite case is the case that has been shot in a trashy old chamber, it is simple, I know the length of the chamber, I adjust my sizing die to size the case length to off set the length of the chamber, rational, I want to cut down on all that case travel.

Full length sizing die, my favorite die, I can size a case in as many as 26 different length from .012- (under a minimum length/full length sized case) to .014” longer than a minimum length sized case (again) with one full length sizer die. That makes my full length sizer die, the versatile die. That puts my full length sizer dies in to the category of (rare) dies that can ‘actually’ move the shoulder back TOO FAR! You hear that a lot, a die (bumping) ‘pushing?’ the shoulder back too far. Setting the shoulder where I want it is no accident...for me.

I have dies, there are not many dies I do not have, my favorite die is the forming die, among my forming die the 308 W is my favorite, after that comes the 243 Winchester forming die. Neck sizing dies and small base dies? I have them, I do not need them, When a full length sizing die fails to restore my cases to minimum length I know it.

A bad habit is about failing to keep up with a cases ability to resist sizing.

I have RCBS small base dies, in the glossary of terms published by RCBS they claim small base dies are equivalent to a very well mad/cut full length sizer die. I do not have to call them to determine the difference between small base dies and standard dies, I can measure the difference.

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