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357 sig reloading


No, it went like this:

I stumbled across an 8 LB keg of Unique on Natchez. I wasn't sure that I really wanted that much, but considering they were saying that it was taking them 8-10 business days to process an order, I figured that I would place the order and cancel it if I got lucky locally on a smaller quantity.

It turned out that a local reloading supply store had some Unique stashed under their counter, out of customer sight. The owner graciously sold me what I needed.

At that point I thought the right thing to do was to call Natchez and cancel my order. I didn't need the powder and many other fellow reloaders did.

I called them the next day, a mere 24 hours after the order was placed. I was 33 in the queue and waited my turn. When the rep came on the line he told me that the order was placed and in the queue for processing and that there was nothing that he could do.

They went from "oh my God it will take me 8-10 business days to process your order" to "Ha Ha I have your money now."

I feel blessed that I have so much powder. I do however feel like a hoarder, no matter how unintentional. My wife is suggesting that I keep it, but I would probably share some with someone in need.
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