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Its not just about recoil. Its about muzzle control. The brake cuts down on muzzle jump, allowing you to easier spot hits, and helps with follow through and quick follow up shots.
While this is true does that make it necessary? A bolt gun probably wouldn't get faster follow up shots, by the time you work the bolt for the next shot, the recoil has already dissipated. Muzzle jump doesn't make it impossible to self spot. It's quite easy with my .270 at 200yrds if you maintain sight picture, which is basic technique. At longer ranges it become slightly easier because bullet ETA is generally 1 second or more, which is plenty of time to scope spot even with heavy recoil and muzzle jump.

JMO brakes are useless for my shooting style on any platform generating under 30ft/lbs of free recoil.
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