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I use wads over powder with great results.
I have tried reduced loads with horrible accuracy until I used a filler. I've used Cream of Wheat and Corn Meal. I like the COW better.

Now, if I use more wads over the powder my reduced loads worked just as well as with a filler with less hassle reloading. (two measures, one for powder one for filler) I'm not sure it's all about getting the ball closer to the forcing cone or it's about getting rid of void space in the cylinders, but I do know, reduced loads with a void are not accurate or consistent (for this shooter anyway).

My PRIMARY reason for wads (lubed of course) is fouling control and for that it works just fine.

I've tried Crisco and stopped because the smell made me hungry for french fries!
I tried regular old grease and although it worked great, it make a horrible mess of the shooting bench!

If you shoot without a wad, just be sure the face of the cylinder is free of all powder and your caps fit tight.
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