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You see, despite the fact that we have the numbers, buying power, and American spirit to do just about anything, as a group we are completely disorganized, not goal oriented, not disciplined, and so do not do a good job of accomplishing group goals. As such, we do not have the upper hand with manufacturers. We have the potential to have the upper hand with them, but that potential will remain unrealized until we actually organize and work in a unified, concerted, and consistent manner toward accomplishing specific goals.
As the OP here, I agree with that clarification.

One might wonder how many of these companies are still selling firearms and components to entire COUNTRIES who do not recognize their citizens rights to arm themselves...

Are we concerned about violating some law or legal principle that exists because it happens to be written down, or are we (and they) concerned about Rights?
Few countries have our history, liberty, and the codification of gun rights that we have. I feel that protecting our own rights should come first. We can't lead anyone to the the light if we, ourselves are in the dark.

If there is great doubt that Glock USA would get on board here, then there is no hope for an international campaign. The same business interests that give us leverage here, would preclude such an effort abroad. The US stands alone in its civilian market for firearms.
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