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Feeding stoppages and other malfunctions can happen.

While an ammunition, maintenance or environmental-related problems may occur, the most common cause of "malfunctions" with semiautomatic pistol usually falls under the heading of "shooter-related", or shooter-induced.

As a firearms instructor & armorer I've seen all manner of stoppages and malfunctions occur during training, practice and quals, involving all kinds of factory & costly custom pistols.

As long as good quality guns and ammunition are being used, it's the shooter-induced "problems" that seem to require the most effort and attention, particularly in getting the shooter to recognize and accept their involvement as the underlying cause. Once that's done, resolving the "problems" becomes easier.

One of the mechanical/maintenance issues that seems to sneak up on folks involves proper maintenance of magazines ... meaning everything from cleaning & proper reassembly, to proper periodic inspection and maintenance, including any required replacement of parts or even the entire magazine.

Learning to recognize and prevent conditions and issues that may potentially interfere with a pistol's normal, optimal functioning is probably prudent.
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