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This discussion made me think of an interesting piece of gun trivia regarding trademarks.

AFAIK S&W holds a trademark on the name ".357 Magnum", but only as the name of a gun, not as the name of a cartridge. IOW another manufacturer may release a gun that is chambered in .357 Magnum, but only S&W can legally sell a gun that is actually named ".357 Magnum".

This name was used for the N frame revolver models that preceded the Model 27, prior to S&W's institution of their modern model numbering system in 1957. Some less cognizant enthusiasts call all such pre-1957 guns "Registered Magnums", but- to introduce another piece of trivia!- only those guns that were special-ordered and sold with mail-in registration certificates are properly called "Registered". The gun was initially offered solely on a custom-order basis, but once S&W realized how popular it was, they began offering standardized production models that were sold for a slightly lower price without the certificates. S&W collectors refer to the latter guns as "Non-Registered Magnums".
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