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Help Me Decide

Originally Posted by BigDinFL View Post
I have an A400 Xplor - the 3.5 green receiver gun. As to it not shooting light loads, I'll call BS. Mine is ONLY used for sporting clays by my wife (and me when she lets me) and I reload a 3/4oz reload - that's a 28 gauge equal - and this gun has never malfed.
Yes I bought it used, and even then it wasn't cheap, but with the KO, it makes any load feel soft.

If you are truly going to shoot 3 and 3.5" behemoths, this is a gun worth looking at, even if it means saving up and buying lightly used.
My Super Vinci shot light loads out of the box. Even cycled 12 gauge low recoil target loads, once. Haha.
But I guess it just depends on the gun. But when I first got it the first thing I did was shoot clays with light loads. Didn't shoot anything more then an oz shot.
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