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There are a lot of issues being raised in this thread...but in my view, it really comes down to what you want - and what your budget allows.

Semi-autos on the market for gas and inertia guns ...start around $ 800 ..and go up to about $ 2,000 ...and some higher end models are over $2,000. I know I sound like a broken record on the forum...but Beretta, Benelli and Browning give you a lot of gun for the money ..and a lot of models to choose from in semi-autos.

If I was looking for a gas gun on a budget..I'd probably buy the Browning Silver Hunter..../ if I could spend $ 1,500 - $2,000 I'd look at some of the Benelli's ( like the Super Sport which I like a lot, etc ) / but there is also nothing wrong with some of the Beretta offerings either..../ but in all this it comes down to "Fit" and does the gun you're looking at have any adjustability ( shims between receiver and stock, etc )...some models do, some don't...

If you want a pump gun...there's probably nothing wrong with the 870's, the Nova's, or the Mossbergs...but a pump I like a lot is the Browning BPS Hunter model at around $600 - again its a lot of gun for the money.
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