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I wasn't intending for it to be a urination match either. My implication was that of all the GSP's I have had over the years, every single one of them has been an individual with strengths and weaknesses. I've had big boned dogs that worked fast and wanted to range out if given their head and I've had small boned dogs that would work close enough for a geriatric with a walker to hunt behind. One of my best was a little male from field trial stock that after running the dumb off of (he got so jacked up about hunting he went crazy until he ran off some energy) but would then settle in and work the perfect ranges for walking hunters. I had a big boned male that you just about had to electrocute or he'd range too far away, dern dog almost caught a deer one day but a good shock collar cured him of that. Had one that would only pick up a dead bird by the head and prance around on his tip toes to show it off.

GSP's of all shapes and sizes will do what you want them to do once you train them to do that. It has nothing to do with the size or bone structure of the dog.

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