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My feeling is that the Lee Deluxe set is the better choice. For a bolt gun you'll never need the factory crimp die that comes with the Pacesetter set.

I use a full length sizer on brass that I pick up from the range. For brass that I know came out of my bolt rifle I only use the collet neck die. So both sizer dies have a very useful role.

Another note is that if you full length size, you have to use a lube and then you have to remove the lube, either by wiping it off or tumbling.

If you only neck size, no lube is needed and you could forego the cleaning step.

In .308 I only run small batches at a time, so I use the Lee trimmer system, chucked in a drill and while the brass is still in the drill, I'll occasionally run a Scotch Brite pad over the case to shine it up. Looks as good as a tumbled case in FAR less time than it takes to tumble.
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