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I thought the same sort of thing after reading about a CT bill that suggests that you AND your family living with you get mental exams before buying a gun.

Seems to me that alcohol kills tens of thousand of folks also, so I suggest a mental exam for you and yours before you buy alcohol. All purchases would go through NICS and a record would be kept.

Anyway, let me introduce this. The difference between gun deaths and car/phone/alcohol/MD malpractice deaths is the nature of the killing instrument.

The gun is designed as primarily lethal and the deaths are from it's misuse as a lethal instrument. That is what drives the vivid image and opposition to its generated deaths. The others - the deaths are side effects of a nonlethal use.

This emotional twist gives a special valence to the gun in the minds of the antis and they don't buy the comparison of death rates. It is a useful argument for those who have rational mind.

However, the willful use of the gun to kill in the movies or school as compared to the stupid use of the phone in cars is not seen as comparable. Also, the latter deaths are seen as public health issues. That would seem to move the gun deaths into public health and that leads to strict controls and bans - as a health issue.

That's my take on the comparison of death argument and how far you want to push it. The public health paradigm is totally anti.

I don't think comparisons of deaths, sports (modern sporting rifles), it's just a tool, etc. are powerful arguments for the anti folks. The existence of the 2nd Amend. is to accept the lethal nature and weapons use of the gun.
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