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Some of you are missing the point. Can you name a technology that hasn't improved over time? Or mass produced items that increase in price? Just cause you can't do it now, doesnt mean you won't be able to in the future. When was the last time you took a stroll through Lockheed Martin's R&D department?
Also, the point that a firearm won't last as long as metal hasn't much to do with this dicussion. Sure, it won't last AS long, but work it will.
There's nothing wrong with being excited about new technology, but the simple fact is that these 3-D printers aren't really game-changers when it comes to manufacturing gun parts. There are some neat things that 3-D printers can do that current CNC equipment can't (like forming fully-enclosed internal voids in a part), but that's neither here nor there.

3-D printers certainly don't require any new laws to address their use, even though I'm certain that some politicians are champing at the bit to do just that.

If we want to avoid government interference, we need to be realistic about what these printers can and can't do, both currently, and in the near-to-middle future, and make sure that people don't have unrealistic expectations.

We need to make sure people know that this isn't "Star Trek" replicator technology, and that people aren't able to tell their computers to "print a gun" and have it spit out a functioning firearm, because I promise you that's the impression that some people already have.
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