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I had a nightforce scope that had the focus and parallax slightly out of sync with each other.
I am not sure if I would go that route. You may be using your scope at a variety of ranges. I think the most important thing when you first mount the rifle is a crisp reticle.

Unless your eye changes or you get very tired, that would be the constant.

The variable would be the target.

I have the 8-32 NightForce and the one thing that bothers me is getting just the right adjustment for the reticle. You can make several turns of the eyepiece without a great deal of change in the clarity of the reticle.

What I have noticed is that regardless of range or magnification, the target image parallax is minimized when the target image is just slightly "soft."

I think we are talking about essentially the same thing but approaching the solution from a different angle.

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