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Is it even worth trying on days where it is particularly windy? Or would it be just be better to wait for days when the wind is more favorable until I have a solid base then attempt to deal with the higher wind speeds?
Everyone has been through this exercise- or in the case of myself and my sons- still going through it.

Doping the wind is a learning experience. Avoid frustrating yourself, and your pocketbook.

So yes, if your skill level is not congruent with the level of skill needed to make hits- at least occasionally- then I would (and I have) stay home...

Pick progressively more challenging days, where you can apply what you've learned and get better.

If your skill level doesn't match conditions, then you're just wasting precious ammo- and not learning. ONLY when you can know WHY your shot went one minute left of where you expected, will you get better.

Otherwise, you end up chasing bullets everywhere, constantly fiddling with your elevation and windage, and not learning anything.
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