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1) Load the bipod. As you settle into position, there should be forward pressure on the rifle.

2) Lie STRAIGHT behind the rifle.

All the posts about consistent cheek weld, respiratory pause, trigger control etc. of course apply but are not unique to shooting prone with a pod.

Too many "G.I. Joe" type pics floating around, where the shooter's body splays off at an angle to the rifle.

You need to be able to draw a hypothetical straight line- down the bore of the rifle, through your shoulder, and down through your leg. Do NOT angle your torso off to the side, that is incorrect form.

Recoil from the rifle needs to be channeled STRAIGHT back- if you are angled, recoil will force the butt of the rifle off to the side. With proper form, the buttstock will drive straight back- not hop off to the side- and return to the proper position for follow up shots.

Especially if shooting long range, with flight times of a second or more, it's no problem spotting your own hits when proper form is used- even from high-power cartridges.
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