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NYPD bought over 40 THOUSAND Glocks. You think that they are all of a sudden going to stop selling to these contracts? That's not a rational business analysis.
No, it is not, but the proclaimed arguments are that gun manufacturers don't make any money on such deals and that all their money is made from the public. They may not make a lot on the guns themselves, but such deals usually come with some lucrative service contracts as well that do make money. Sure enough, the lion's share is from the public. So the argument is that we can force the manufacturers to bend to our will be boycotting those that do not perform in the matter we so desire to the lengths we so desire, hence the claim, "We have the upper hand with manufacturers."

The problem, of course, is that gun owners are a staunchly independent group of individuals, a large group, but very individualistic. We have an abdominal history of forcing any business to comply with our desires. We have the traditional political memory of typical Americans which is quite short and we are apt to break down and readily cross boycott lines at the point we become inconvenienced.

I realize there are strong proclamations here of those who will hold fast to their values and never cross a boycott line under any circumstances, but the fact remains that for the vast majority of gun owners across America, they are just your non-super human average folks.

You see, despite the fact that we have the numbers, buying power, and American spirit to do just about anything, as a group we are completely disorganized, not goal oriented, not disciplined, and so do not do a good job of accomplishing group goals. As such, we do not have the upper hand with manufacturers. We have the potential to have the upper hand with them, but that potential will remain unrealized until we actually organize and work in a unified, concerted, and consistent manner toward accomplishing specific goals.

Cases and points...remember how we were all up in arms about how Dick's was not selling ARs or how Walmart is anti-gun or should being boycotted? How about all those gun shops that don't allow concealed carry that we refuse to do business with? How about all those anti-gun gun shows that don't allow concealed carry of loaded firearms? Somebody is buying all their ammo and I am certainly it isn't the anti-gun people. Somebody is buying all their high cap guns as well at an alarming rate. Again, it isn't the antis.
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