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no pics yet... but I will soon... lets see your cartridge conversion C&B guns...

just bought my 2nd open top cartridge conversion gun to add to my single action collection...

1st one was a lil 36 pocket revolver my buddy strengthen up & chambered for 32 S&W (no extractor on that one )

2nd one I just got, is ( sorry, not really into C&B revolvers ) a 44 open top that's been rebarreled, strengthened & chambered in 32-20... that one has an interesting spring loaded flip tab extractor

both are steel guns with brass grip frames, I think both were purchased originally from Cabela's if that helps with the brand the guns started out as, but my local builder buddy has completely rebuilt these, making alot of tool steel parts, adding extra retention components ( more than just the wedge... the 32 -20 also has a tapered roll pin which helps keep the headspace tighter & more consistant )...

BTW... was at my local builder buddys house the other day, & a civil war re-enactor came over with a really nice converted revolver that he wanted some work done on, & after he left, I commented on how nice looking it was... next thing I know, my buddy's pulling out revolver # 2 & asking if I wanted to buy it... how could I resist ???

got any pics of your guns ???
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