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What about the nova do you prefer over the supernova? I've never shouldered the nova. Also, why the M2 over the Versa Max Sportsman. The M2 is about $400 more than the Remmy.
Mainly the cost differencebween the Nova's. The Super Nova costs a lot more and offers no advantages that I can use.

Back in the 1960's Remington semi's were on the top of the game. The problem is that they haven't improved a bit in 50 years and have been left behind by newer manufacturers.

I don't trust ANY of the 3 1/2" semi's with light loads. Even the best of them are unreliable and they will tell you so in the fine print of the owners manual. If I planned on shooting only 3" and 3 1/2" shells then I'd buy one. But almost all shooters shoot light 2 3/4" ammo far more often. I'd rather spend my money on a gun that is reliable with the ammo I'll actually shoot. 3 1/2 shells offer zero advantages. They simply are not needed for anything except long range goose hunting and even then there are better 3" options.

If I felt I had to have 3 1/2" capability and 2 3/4" reliability in the same gun it would have to be a pump. The Nova's are as good as any for this.

It is really personal preference as to inertia vs gas operated actions. Both are good poven desgns. The gas guns tend to be heavier and reduce felt recoil a bit more. Inertia guns are lighter, simpler and more reliable in harsh dirty hunting conditions. For a clays game gun I'd take the softer shooting gas gun every time. I prefer the simplicity and relibility of the Inertia guns in the hunting fields. The M-2 is about as perfect a hunting shotgun as has ever been made and it can be found for less than most of the 3 1/2" guns.
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