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Sholder Holsters

A few years ago I bought a reproduction Shoulder Holster from Old West Traders and have found it to be the ideal carry rig for my Ruger Vaquero .357 4 5/8" revolver!
It keeps the revolver out of the way during rifle or shotgun shooting and it securely carries the Ruger even during all body movements. The gun has never loosened or threatened to fall out even when bending to pick up brass!
I couldn't find too much information out from the dealer as to the origon or year of the holster design, but in the book " Packing Iron" I did locate a Texas holster from the 1880's which looked exactly like mine.
Does anyone have any knowledge of Shoulder holster history? I'd like to learn more about them!
I know that these are NOT the fastest drawing rigs but I doubt anyone who'd choose one was too concerned with speed otherwise they'd have gone to a low slung hip rig. The revolver can be accessed quickly with some practice but they will never be a fast draw rig!
Any historical info would be appreciated!
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