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i use the Wads to both prevent chain fire and to help clean and lube the gun.
I figgure the megar cost of shooting swaged balls and patches is a very minor expense to prevent accidential chain fires as much as possible.
WHen I run out of wads, I use a generous gob of Crisco over the ball and this seems to help lube things and keep especially my Remingtons running free!
I also use Cornmeal or Cream of Wheat filler in order to bring the balls closest as possible to the forcing cone. I have one Remington (8" bbl) that seems to prefer that I NOT use any filler and shoots good with a deep seated ball.
Shooting is a hobby and hobbys cost money so does safety so why be cheap and try to cast balls and maybe come up with undersized balls and possibly have a chainfire? Nope. I spend the change and try and control everything I can!
Would you shoot your 44 magnum with substandard ammo? Then why shoot your BP revolver with sub-standard loads???
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