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Where is Glock on this thing they have a huge market share?

Glock is a business selling a commodity, not a 2nd Amendment advocacy group. They (like any rationally managed large business) is going to sell their commodity to anyone who will buy it. Add to that the fact that they are a non-US corporation with absolutely no "Corporate Patriotism" (if such a thing exists) and you can rest assured that although they might pay some lip service to our side, they are not going to back it up with anything affecting their traditional bottom line.

While I appreciate small companies who have taken the opposite stand, let's remember that they are small specialty manufacturers who can sell their entire production capacity selectively, thus not impacting their bottom line. A major manufacturer with enormous production capacity is not in the same position. They need to keep their numbers up, and they will do that by selling to anyone who wil buy their goods.

There's a huge difference between managing a company the size of, say, Barrett, who no matter what is backordered, meaning that his production capacity is always smaller than his demand, and who sells, say... 1000 rifles a year, and Glock, to whom a 1000 pistol order is just another afternoon-shift of industrial production and who can make goods in any quantity, and make them as fast as the customer wants to receive them. One one hand you have essentially a small machine shop and on the other hand you have an industrial behemoth.

NYPD bought over 40 THOUSAND Glocks. You think that they are all of a sudden going to stop selling to these contracts? That's not a rational business analysis.


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