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Support voiced from Dennis Richardson

Seems to have come from him, too, as opposed to coming from a staffer:


Unfortunately, there are several bills being introduced during this legislation session which would further erode the rights of responsible adults. And this proposed new law, like so many others already on the books, may not be effective in stopping violent criminals from getting their hands on firearms and hurting innocent people. I encourage you to make calls to the Co-Sponsors of House Bill 3200 and let them know how you feel. See list of Co-Sponsors below.

Rather than punish law abiding citizens, I would rather focus on measures we can take to prevent violent offenders from harming others in our community. I really appreciate your support of our 2nd Amendment rights and will do my best to oppose HB 3200.

Thank you for your comments.

Dennis Richardson
State Representative
House District 4
900 Court Street H-373
Salem, OR 97301
I hope our Oregon members are taking note of who their friends are at the Legislature.


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