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Originally Posted by Dan Newberry
Good review... killer groups. Federal is currently using RL15 in their Gold Medal match ammo, fwiw.
Concur. Very nice shooting. I suspected that Federal is using RL15 in that ammo, and according to the Alliant website, it is used in the M118 special ball long range round. The family has been using RL15 in our .308 ammo for several years and we've turned in some surprisingly small groups with that powder. If you go to the Hodgdon burn rate chart, it's surprisingly close to both IMR4064 and H-Varget and seems to be an wonderful powder for the .308 with several bullet weights.

Dan - I've been thinking about playing with the 175 grain Matchking for this summer's shooting. Do you happen to have a good load I can use as a starting point with Federal brass?
Dennis Dezendorf
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