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Anomalous Pricing

If you haven't notices even 223 is going for $1 per shot these days. More than 30-06. The 308 and 223 being military favorites are in very short supply right now. That's hwy price si crazy. Now if you are buying target ammo with the 168bt then yes $40 a box is proabably about right in todays market. Hunting ammo is still around $20. Reloading will get your costs down but it's an added chore. You can also just save and sell brass to offset your ammo costs. The case is worth about 25 to 50 percent of a load and can be sold to recoup some of your costs or saved for when you do reload and want to save 1/2 your costs. The only thing that seems to still be found at a reasonalble price is steel cased 7.62x39 that pops up with some regularity and these disappears. You never see 223 in my area. Nor can you find 9mm. Changing your gun is not going to change the ammo shortage. Finding and buying ammo in bulk so you never get caught with your pants down is about the only way to avoid paying $40 a box for ammo. Reloads cost about the same but the quality is way better than old corroded surplus and you can assemble the best bullets into ammunition for less than "cheap" factory hunting loads.
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