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Originally Posted by redhologram
Let her go and shoot and see what feels right in her hands.
*DING* We have a winner!

This is the essential piece of advice on this subject. She needs to be the one to decide what works for her, and the only way is for her to shoot as many guns as it takes to find one that's comfortable for her.

Originally Posted by steveNChunter
I'm probably not going to be able to let her shoot every possible choice before we buy something.
I have my concealed carry permit and adequate experience to teach her what she needs to know that she doesnt already before I let her carry.
Steve, there's a bit too much "let her" in these posts, IMO. Your wife is a grownup (I hope! ) -- she can make up her own mind what to carry, and when she's ready to do so. I'd strongly advise that the two of you find a good instructor for her, preferably one who teaches classes for women, or at least has plenty of experience with women students. It's far better (for both of you) for her to learn from a neutral party, not from her husband.

One of the many advantages of this is that the instructor should have a good selection of guns for students to try, so the cost of the class should be somewhat offset by what the two of you will save in range and rental fees.

And, Spats is right: if you haven't already, you both should visit The Cornered Cat. It's a website entirely devoted to women and self-defense, run by our own pax (Kathy Jackson) -- it's a wonderful resource.
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