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All right lets shoot this thing already

All shot fired were off a bench with bi-pod and rear bag .

All ammo used was 168gr Federal gold metal match .

Ok after getting it on paper and close to zeroed at 50 yards this was my first 3 shot group at 100yds

To be honest with you I was completely floored by that group . My buddy manning the spotting scope said he had never seen anybody shoot that small a group before . I told him me either All I can say is WOW what an amazing rifle . I was shooting at least MOA all day ( yep all day ) and half of those were sub MOA .

This group was @ 100yds

These next two pics are at 300yds . The black circles are 3' wide . The second picture I was aiming for the lower left black target . Not sure why I missed so bad but it was still one hell of a group

I must say with the rifle weighing 10lbs and it having a muzzle brake . It was a joy to shoot . As some of you may know I have a Ruger American rifle in 308 . This Savage had maybe half the felt recoil of the ruger . I shot 100 rounds today and my soulder does not feel any worse then if I was shoot 22lr all day . It was so nice to be able to truly relax and shoot .

Im not sure who and or how Savage designed the muzzle brake but it was not really that much louder . Yes it was loud but I asked guys shooting next to me and none of them said it was to much to take . As the shooter , it was no problem at all . I just used ear plugs and did not need to double up with earmuffs .

All in all it was a great day for Metal God . I had not felt that/this gitty in a long time . I love my new rifle and highly recommend the Savage model 10 FCP-K .

Thanks Metal
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