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Savage Model 10 FCP-K review

The Savage model 10 FCP-K chambered in 308 has a

24" heavy fluted threaded carbon steel barrel 1-10 twist

It comes with a muzzle brake installed from the factory

It come with the Savage accu-stock

It comes with the Savage accu-trigger

All metal has a matte black finish , weighs 8.9lbs and has an over all length of 46.5 " . It come with one detachable 4 round box magazine

Now that you have the specs lets talk about how it looks , feels and shoots .

The the gun is clearly built well and very solid . I see no problems with the fit and finish . The stock is quite ridgid and has almost no flex to it . For a synthetic stock I'm very impressed . The but stock is hollow and that does make the gun front/top heavy . It comes with a nice soft but pad that along with the muzzle break makes it a real sweet shooter .

The bolt is solid but does have a little wiggle when sliding it back and forth . It's not bad but it is there . It locks up tight and does take a little more then just a finger flip to open . Nothing hard but you do need to put some purpose behind opening the bolt . The bolt never bound up while cycling the rounds but it did fail to pick up the next round a few times ( maybe 6 or 7 times out of 100 rounds fired ) . It did how ever extract all rounds with out a problem .

The trigger came from the factory set at 2lbs . It is very crisp with no trigger creep that I can feel . To me it just breaks nice and clean . I left the trigger pull at the 2 lbs it came set at and did not attemt to adjust it . I am very pleased with the trigger and I think you will be as well .

With the scope , rings , base , anti cant level and cheek pad the rifle weighs right around 10lbs .

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