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Where is Glock on this thing they have a huge market share?
I'm glad you asked that...As I mentioned previously, the so called "law enforcement loophole" covers more then just 'assault weapons' and 'standard capacity mags' and goes on to cover various other issues.

That's kind of simple. Just look at their website... When you look up the Glock 25, it mentions under technical data
For US market: Law Enforcement and Goverment Agency sales only

So, a Glock 25 is available to law enforcement and government agencies, but not to everyone else... (the reason why its law enforcement/government agency is that it doesn't meet the point count for the import restriction)

Heck, its just a .380!!! If Glock didn't support exempting law enforcement/government sales from the import restrictions, they wouldn't list it on their website for law enforcement/government sales only would they? You think they would not continue exempting law enforcement/government sales for various reasons in the future, as they already have done for a while now?

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