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We have had more than one die that was a bit dodgy and depended on the gun if it would work or not (and as we shoot a lot of different ones its got put aside).

The gauge is a good idea for that sort of cross purpose work.

I have one for 9mm, whats interesting is apparently its at the minimum spec and the pistol is at the maximum. The shells generally stick up a bit which would indicated an issue. Pull the barrel off the 9mm and they fit fine.

I have figured out how much they can stick up and still fit in the chamber (it tends to be about 1/4 inch or a lot worse). Easy enough to take the pistol down to check (not so much in a rifle of course). Whats funny is some mfg brass allows it to sit full depth. So, despite the same die re-size there is a variation there. While interesting, I really don't care as long as I am ok.

So, like all tools, they have their learning curve and not a slam dunk.
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