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.308 Die Questions

Not quite new to reloading, but have a few questions about various descriptions used on .308 dies. I am looking to aquire a set of dies to begin reloading my empty brass. I have about 50 brass cases to reload that I have fired from my Savage 110 bolt action with a detachable mag., I'm not 100% sure all the brass is from my gun. (1) what is the difference between RCBS Small Base Die and Short Base FL. (2) I see Lee has a set of dies, what is the difference between Pacesetter and RGB series. (3) Difference between 2 die set -vs- 3 die set in .308. Is it better to have 3 dies?
I have a Lee Precission Press (uses 1 die at a time). I have used it with RCBS dies to load @400 (.380 auto) and Lee 3 set die set to load @300 (30 carbine) over the last several months.
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