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Anti-gun politicians in Illinois have begun to construct their gun control laws somewhat along the lines laid out by the diseenting opinion.

I guess some justices on CA7 like giving pro-bono legal advice disguised as a dissenting opinion, at least for causes that they believe in.

From what I understand, the anti-gunners (mostly Chicago machine politicians) buried the NRA bill in committee and have put forth a shell bill which doesn't say much of anything but will be filled in with amendments.

So anyway, here is an amendment that looks an awfull lot like what Tom Servo talked about, with the exception that there is a bit of a qualifier on what a gathering is:

There are further amendments which prohibit carrying a handgun just about everyplace other than your own property:

Other places that are also prohibited:

your vehicle
truck stops
any place that has video gaming to include but not limited to casinos
church, temple, or other place of worship
amusement parks
schools, colleges, daycare
state government buildings
hospitals and mental health clinics
public transportation

Combine these with the exclusion on private property I can't really see anywhere an Illinois citizen can carry.

Maybe walking or riding a bike down the street. As long as you just ride on the street and don't actually arrive at a destination.

As far as I can tell, this collection of amendments re-create the current Illinois UUW law in scope and totality, but they do it one explicitly named location or type of location at a time.

It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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