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Ruger 10/22's are the only gun I can think of where you start out spending $200 then end up with $1500 in accessories to make it shoot well.
One of the internet's biggest myths. A stock 10/22 is a fine gun in it's own right but it is what it is. It's not a target gun from the factory. Being it doesn't take no additional $1300 to get them to shoot with any gun costing more. Sometimes much more. I have one 10/22 that will shoot MOA @ 50 yards (farthest I've shot it on paper). Total of $140 in accuracy improvements on that one. Another 10/22 I've been dickin with lately shot these groups, 10 shots each, 25 yards, el'cheapo Federal 550 bulk:

5/8" groups usually ain't much to brag about but neither was my shooting this weekend and WE ARE talkin 10 shot strings with plinkin ammo. One of these days I'll break out the good stuff and ring it out. Only mod is a $40 VQ hammer.

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