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When I was about 12 or 13, I went to spend the night with my grandparents. They had neighbors who had a kid my age, we were hanging out, and he invited me over to his house for a little while. He was showing me around his room when he stops, reaches under his mattress, and pulls out a single barrel break action 12 gauge shotgun. I knew very little about guns at the time but the action was closed but I remember he told me one of two things (not sure which)
1) first he said it wasn't loaded and then later said he does or sometimes does keep it loaded in case of intruders
2) he said it was loaded but had the safety on.

He asked me if I wanted to hold it and I told him I should get going back to my grandparents' house where I was sure to let them know. I was 6 in 2001 when they had all those PSA's about the young kid pulling out the handgun and shooting his friend when he thought it wasn't loaded ( a true story from somewhere around my hometown ). Even as gun owners, they were obviously infuriated and called the parents who apologized and said they were taking the gun away from him. As far as I know, in Florida, a minor can own a gun and keep it in their room under the condition that it is locked and unloaded.

These were the same neighbors who asked if they could gut and skin a deer in the backyard of the townhouses, which at that point was practically the same backyard my grandparents were living in. I don't know if that's normal among hunters but it rang very weird for them as animal lovers.
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