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Straw purchases/sales: time factor ?

A friend asked me about this & I'm curious too, - obviously if someone bought a firearm from a gunshop and then stepped out the door and sold it to someone else, he may very well have a serious legal problem regarding a 'straw purchase'. That is, buying a gun for someone else. On the other hand, if he bought a gun and sold it to someone 5 years later, its obviously not such a straw purchase.
Is a straw purchase defined by some measure of time ? A week, a month, a year. . . or what ? I did a search and didnt find this answered. Thanks

P.S. - I actually stopped selling any of my guns years ago. Almost all of the guns I traded in or sold, were models I later became interested in again - or the value of them went way up. I hate buying a gun for a lot more money than I paid the first time around. So I just keep them. I suppose some guys buy and sell so many that keeping all of them isnt practical.
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