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Thanks for all the replies. The majority of distance shots I have taken have been w/ (with) a lr308 (a/r 10 semi auto 308) I use the same harris b/p (bipod) on both weapons. I don't shoot from the bench at all.

I've also never used bags although this would have to make for a more stable shooting platform. I try to shoot under what would simulate field conditions although I realize a flat range does not simulate field terrain. I do like the idea of a palm bag especially as this can be transported with the firearm in the case.

I am adjusting to a savage 10 fcp k bolt rig. I have shot black guns almost exclusively for some time and the cheek weld along with the absence of a pistol grip, especially the pistol grip is going to take some adjustment on my part unless I change out the stock. With the pistol grip as I use it I can push / pull horizontally w/o (with out) changing the plane of sight as much, as I regulate eye relief.

For one single shot the theory behind zero downward pressure with the support hand folded back under the stock for support as well as raising / lowering the aft end of the firearm seems sound. This would also seem to be easily repeatable. Question here is without applying downward force to the fore end would the reaction from the fired bullet be enough to alter the point of impact or could this be corrected in scope adjustment prior to the shot?

These are just questions I have regarding adjustment to the bolt rig. I realize what works the best is what every individual finds in his best interest regarding the individual pieces of equipment. I also understand there are many many individuals with training, experience, knowledge of physics, science, math, and advance trigger time from my own experience. I am just looking to advance my base of information and incorporate outside ideas to what I have gathered to date.

Thanks for the help,
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