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Recently relocated from CT, and not looking back...

The one-bullet gun proposal is from a guy i know, Ed Meyer. I rode the Metronorth train into NYC with him every day for years before he retired from the legal profession and ran for office. I actually voted for the guy once. He used to work on the train, both coming and going, and seemed to have a work ethic and was reasonably intelligent. He said he understood the miserable condition of those broken down trains and would fight for money to revamp and modernize. Not that i like big gov't expenditure, but the trains were literally falling apart. Duct tape holding seats and flooring together, i kid you not.

He lied. His first term, he didn't lift a finger for commuters. it didn't take him long to forget his constituents. I have emailed him many times on prior gun and hunting issues in CT and got back some stupid canned response from a staffer.

Yeah, he was a disappointment. Still, even i never thought he was so off-the-chart liberal he could pull this one-bullet thing. the collective wisdom says Joyce dropped it in his lap. They must have some new plays in their playbook then because this is the first of its kind i've ever seen. Its true, a 7-round magazine limit looks reasonable next to this.

Come to New Hampshire, CT folks. I can shoot right in my backyard, i see moose from time to time when i hike on the back 40, and i can buy any damn assault rifle i want with the dangerous bayonet lug and the sinister threaded muzzle...
"To my mind it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence, injury, crime, and death. How feeble is the mindset to accept defenselessness... How pathetic." - - Ted Nugent

"Cogito, Ergo Armitum Sum" - (I Think, Therefore I Am Armed)- - anon.
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