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To much is made, IMHO, of the whole size/sex thing on hogs.

Usually comes down to how you handle them after they hit the ground. Only bad one in the last 40+ years that I can remember was a big sow that we shot on a island of the Georgia coast. Took us hours to drag her, and another smaller one along with shotguns and stands the 3 1/2 miles to the road where she waited for at least another couple of hours before she got to the cooler.

It was January but not really cold, just cool. To say she was spoiled in the sense of being UNSAFE to eat would be untrue, but was she

Our fault.....not hers.

The point being that time, place, temp, all the rest play a big part.

All that said I'll admit to doing as most suggest and aiming smaller, more so that my old back has a easier time getting it to the truck than for any other reason.

Now if I can just get Louann to go along with the program......
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