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thats just a first draft idea, i wasn't going to do this in a day, this is a long term project. But as a engineer its not like its something i haven't done before , and a mosin isn't very complex but the proper calculations and design must be implemented, so far the plan is just to draw up a few bolt designs schematics for fun and not make a bolt, if thats what your worrying about, i appreciate the warning but dont worry about it.

now as far as historical goes there were a few of experimental semi auto designs for the mosin but none made it into production. i was also refrenceing an article on auto rifles that was interesiting [article]

though i showed the current design i had going to a gun smith, he actually stated that it would make it full auto not semi, i need another spring on the front of the bolt internally to prevent a firing of the newly chambered bullet, or something else. basically the error in my first design was that after firing the recoil and gas push an internal system back onto a spring but then spring theory kicks in and pushes piston forward (piston actually houses firing pin was part of it) and pushes forward, what the gunsmith said is that the forward motion has no limiting elements and would cause the pin to move forward and fire the round as it came in which could end badly or fire it out barrel and this would happen repeatedly so back to drawing board.

but on the up side the mosin is a simple rifle and internally not much complexity other than shape

mosin nagant normal design

here is someones project i find scary a mosin pistol?

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