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Help Me Decide

Originally Posted by Virginian-in-LA View Post
Well, I really don't like Benellis, or any inertia actioned gun, so I would go with a gas autoloader. I like Remington, but Browning, Winchester, Beretta, Mossberg; they all pretty much work. Maybe look for a used one in excellent condition if price is an obstacle. If you want a 3-1/2" semi auto, GET a 3-1/2" semi auto. That's all the reason you need. You only live once.

Exactly, it's better to not need it and have it then need it and not have it.

Originally Posted by nmbrinkman View Post
I like my 870 but I'm in a position now where I can upgrade to leather, automatic transmission, power seats, fog lights and a V8 (not the diesel though). My 870 is going to be my boy's shotgun when he's old enough.
I think everyone should have a pump at least once. Some people prefer pump. And I think your boys gonna love it. I did it the opposite. I gave my father my 870. Haha. He wouldn't accept it for free so he paid for it in an oil pan for my Firebird.
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