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Re: Any scares when looking at someone's gun?

I agree with you guys, I always clear a gun when handed to me, even if I was just told it was not loaded. Perfect example of this....I was hanging out with a couple of friends the other day, and the one asked to see my .380. Before anyone says anything, he's my best friend and he knows I always have this gun on me (only a few very close friends know that). Anyways he really likes the gun (S&W BG380) and has been considering getting one for himself to carry (he has a gen3 Glock 19 but wants something smaller to carry), so he wanted to check it out. I pulled the gun out, popped out the mag, turned off the safety and racked the slide to clear the round in the chamber, then handed it to him. Even though he had JUST seen me do it, he racked it again just to be sure. He has his CCW permit and also graduated from the police academy and has been around guns longer than I have, so he knows gun safety and how to handle a pistol.

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