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Pre-Ban Lower Prices -- Should I do it?

I have offered to me two forged PWA lowers and one Olympic lower. They are fully built, but I will probably gut and rebuild later with better parts. The guy is asking $1500 a piece. I live in CT so I am assuming stuff here will be slightly higher, but I don't want to get robbed (if I can order one online for much less I will do that).

I was thinking to buy at least one of them anyway, but wanted to get some opinions first. I know these things used to sell for much less -- there is no doubt.

There will likely be some crazy changes to the laws here, so I would like to have at least one pre-ban to add to my collection (I really want to build a nice AR pistol with suppressor -- I cannot even have a suppressor without a pre-ban, let alone an SBR).

The governor was on CSPAN today saying he wants to ban all "assault weapons" and all "high capacity" magazines. They even want to disallow any types of grandfathering (although that might not fly). Either way, I will likely be moving back to Michigan or Arizona in a few years -- just need to last that long in this crazy state.

Anyway, any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!
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